Report: Apple to Announce Laptop Upgrades

Apple will reportedly announce an update to its lineup of laptops at its annual developer conference, known as WWDC, in June.

The report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is responding to increased competition from rival Microsoft.

According to the report, Apple will announce three new laptops: The MacBook Pro will get a quicker processor, as will the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air. The processors, according to Bloomberg, will be Intel’s newest, seventh generation chips.

Apple’s laptops account for 11 percent of the company’s annual $216 billion in sales. iPhones make up nearly two thirds of the company’s sales.

Rival Microsoft recently unveiled its own Surface Laptop as a possible competitor to MacBook Air. That device reportedly boots up quickly and has a touchscreen.

According to Bloomberg, the new MacBook Pro would share the same basic external look of the current models.

It has been seven years since Apple redesigned the MacBook Air and more than a year since the company released a new MacBook Pro. The 12-inch MacBook saw its last update last spring.

Apple will also reportedly announce an upgrade to its macOS operating system.

The WWDC will start June 5.

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